SF #167 – All Things Great and Small


Bit by bit.  Step by Step.  Slowly you create Great Things from the every small endeavor you take on and see to fruition.  The trick to getting what you want out of life – Love, Money, a serious Sense of Accomplishment – is beginning.  You have to start somewhere and it’s usually with something Small that you nurture until it grows into something Great.

This episode of Success Freaks has Mordant & McFall discussing how, even in the midst of a crisis, you have to begin with small steps.  All Things Great and Small shows you that you Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff on your way to being Bigger, Badder, Better, More.  You just have to Breathe, Take a Step, and Begin.

Why?  Because Yes!
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SF #166 – Communication – Say What You Want


Have you ever been guilty of not being able to read your mate’s mind?  Have you ever accused your special someone of not predicting & meeting your needs fast enough?  Sound silly?  Whether spouse, best friend, or business associate, we’ve all fallen to one side or the other of the You-Should-Know-Without-Me-Having-to-Tell-You line of thinking.  Oddly enough, though quite damaging to any relationship, this is a problem that is easily remedied.   All you have to do is…

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SF #165 – Labor Day Adventures

SF#165 - Labor Day Adventures

“Labor Day Adventures…in the Minnesota Renaissance/Dragon Con Land of Fun and…Stuff.”

This is the working title heralding the beginning of this goofy-great episode in which you get to hear about all the shenanigans that happened with the Level Up Guys this weekend.  Adventure abounded at both the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and Dragon Con in Atlanta. Read more »

SF #164 – Lean In: Facing Challenges while you’re On the Ropes


 Hit me once – shame on you.  Hit me twice – shame on me.  Hit me over and over again until I am up against the ropes and it is time to rethink being in the ring.

There are times in all of our lives when we feel life is gunning for us.  It is these times when you can throw in the towel…or choose to use the onslaught to level up and become stronger than you were before the blows began raining down.  Every challenge is another opportunity to work on your technique and grow with the flow.  Leaning In, you look your opponent in the eye and, with a bruised-but-not-beaten smirk say, “That all you got…?” Read more »

SF #163 – Listener Lounge with Ellie Collins


Welcome to our first ever Listener Lounge – where we spotlight one of our faithful listeners.  Opening our inaugural episode on this endeavor is author/actress/multi-tasking maven Ellie Collins.  This live-action Renaissance woman chats about everything from her stint as a Daywalker on the CW’s “The Originals” to her modern, supernatural fiction series, “Empire Valley.” Read more »

The Vibrant Alternative – MWTV #350


You’ve heard me say “Always be learnin’, yo!”  I take this statement seriously.  So much so, that I have currently sought coaching from The Vibrant Alternative’s very own Brandi Adair.  This quick vlog, springs forth from the end of my first session with her – and I am so excited for more that I decided to share my exuberance with you.  Enjoy! Read more »

SF #162 – Positive Aggravation

SF#162 - Positive Aggravation

Can there really be a silver lining when thing after thing after thing after thing doesn’t go your way?  What really is the benefit of that?  Sometimes we as people can be a little thick.  Sometimes we need Shakabuku: “a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever.”  Often, it is only those aggravating things that give us the impetus to pop out of that rut we’ve become oh-so comfortably numb in. Read more »

SF #161 – Perseverance Prevails


You’ve been working on a project…or chasing down a dream…or struggling with a relationship, and things are not going so well.  Seems like it’s time to quit wasting your blood, sweat, and tears and throw in the towel.  Or, is it?  What if success awaits, dancing teasingly, tauntingly beyond your grasp – testing your mettle and waiting to see if you are willing to tough out the rough spots.  Will you?  More than talent and skill, luck and magic, Perseverance Prevails. Read more »

SF #160 – Those Voices in your Head

Sf#160 FB Wall_edited-1 (1)

“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.…” ~Five Man Electrical Band~

What can you do when you have the chatter of differing opinions going off in your head?  Which should you listen to?  How can you tell which is right and which is wrong?  Are they signposts directing you this way or that?  And, what can you do when they are so loud you can’t discern the call of common sense?

Mordant & McFall volley back and forth about the ramifications of listening to one of the voices and making a choice – even when you’re not 100% sure it’s the best one.  Remember, if you’re not happy with the outcome, you can always go back and switch things out.  “It’s not broke until you can’t fix it.” ~Rhonni Rocks~ Read more »

SF #159 – Get Caught Having A Great Life


Ever have one of those breakups?  With a special someone?  A favorite job?  The way you thought your life should be going?  Though over, there is still that spark, that chance that everything might get back to normal.  So you try stifling your sniffling in the hopes that the waiting game you’re playing might pay off.  Instead of postponing the inevitable and hoping against hope that your special someone/career-path/life-choice will realize their mistake and come to their senses, wouldn’t it be a better idea to move on with being awesome and…

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